It Turns out That This Is the Reason Many of the Astrazeneca Vaccines Expire

Jakarta – The Director General of Infectious Disease Prevention and Control (P2P) of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Dr. Maxi Rein Rondonuwu, revealed that the most expired AstraZeneca type of COVID-19 vaccine.

In his presentation, Maxi said that the vaccine expired date (ED) or expired at most in Central Java with more than 1.1 million.

“The most expired vaccines are from the AstraZeneca type, then from the total number, the most are in Central Java, there are more than 1.1 million, East Java 800 thousand and West Java 743 thousand, so almost all provinces have the most expired and the most,” he said. in a working meeting with Commission IX DPR RI Wednesday (30/3/2022).

At the same time, Maxi also revealed the reason why many of the AstraZeneca vaccines have expired. Maxi said the lifespan of grant vaccines, especially AstraZeneca, was short.

“The first one is, frankly, the vaccine grant has a short lifespan. That’s what I think the longer our ED number gets higher. So, indeed, the lifespan of the vaccine given to us, especially AstraZeneca is short,” explained Maxi.

In addition, Maxi describes other reasons that make many of the AstraZeneca vaccines expire. That’s because this type of COVID-19 vaccine has been rejected in many areas.

“Secondly, I don’t think AstraZeneca is a secret anymore, many are rejected in the region,” said Maxi.

“If we send it to the regions, there are those who say ‘don’t send it yet’. So, it piles up again at Bio Farma, because the area feels that the acceleration of assets is very slow,” he said.